Rose of Jericho/ Saint Expedite Petition Ritual

Monday, April 25, 2011

Due to the personal nature of the petition being made, some details will be omitted from this account.  However, I believe that the important information is being passed along. :)

This blog will illustrate a personal petition ritual I preformed, involving a Rose of Jericho (Resurection Plant) and a Saint Expedite candle.

If you are not familiar with the Rose of Jericho they are remarkable plants.  They are considered talismans for protection, blessing, and prosperity.  When dormant they resemble tumble weeds or dead cedar boughs. Mine looked like this::

As you can see, I have placed it in a bowl containing a couple inches of water.  The plant is not dead, simply dormant.  Once placed in water, it begins to open up.  After two hours, it looked like this::





On the seventh day, I rested.....

No, not really.... :P  On Wednesday (I chose this day because it is the traditional day to work with Saint Expedite.), I removed the Rose of Jericho from its water.  I saved a portion of the water in a small hermetically sealed jar for use in future workings, and discarded the rest.  When the Rose of Jericho is removed from its water source it begins to slowly return to its dormant state, closing up.  The idea is to seal your petition inside the closed plant until the time that it is granted.

At this point, using a small taper candle I lit my Master Candle and allowed it to cook, while I began to construct my petition. Taking a small piece of paper, I wrote my petition out, while concentrating on it being fullfilled.  I then annointed the paper in a five-face-die pattern, one dot in each corner and one in the center.  For this work, I used Lucky Mojo's Blessing Oil.  After the annointing, I folded the paper in half once, towards my body.  Then in half again, and then once more.  Always towards my person, and always concentrating on my desired outcome.  Then, I placed the petition in the middle of the still open plant, on my altar, along with two small personal items. 

With a small taper candle I transfered the light from my Master Candle to my Saint Expedite candle, both on my altar.

(You can read HERE a little about Saint Expedite and about how I made this candle)

Then, I said a small prayer to Saint Expedite, asking him to lend his speed to my petition.  To keep anything from delaying it, to "expedite" it if possible, and to provent those involved from procrastinating on anything that might slow down my petition. In return, I vowed that, once the petition was granted, I would light a red candle in his honor every Wednesday for a year, and provide him with offerings of fresh flowers and sponge cake.  I allowed the candle to burn for a few hours before pinching it out, and I will continue to light it every day until it is almost gone, at which point I will blow the candle out.  Once, the petition is granted I will use the empty novena as a vase for offerings of flowers to the Saint.

When the petition is granted, I will place the Rose of Jericho back in water, where it will once again leave its dormant state and open. (They can repeat this cycle for years)  I will remove the petition and items and use the Rose for another work.  I will also begin my offereings to Saint Expedite, for a year, from that day.


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