A Prosperity Working

Friday, April 22, 2011

The following is an prosperity working that I preformed for a friend.  I am posting it here with that friend's permission.  However, the name will be omitted to protect their privacy.

Materials Needed:

Prosperity Master Candle (See THIS post for information on creating yours)
Green Taper Candle for Client Candle ( See THIS post for information on creating yours)
Prosperity Oil
Loadstone Oil
Two Dollar Bill
Green Embroidery Thread
Spell Parchment
Green Pen used for prosperity spells


I began by creating my Money Drawing Client candle.  I dressed it in Prosperity Oil from Lucky Mojo and rolled it in basil and patchouli. I lit it from my Master Prosperity Candle, speaking its purpose to it, to draw money to the client.  Then, I allowed it to burn for a bit, long enough to create enough wax to cover the wick and seal its purpose inside

Then I placed the candle on my altar and gathered my other materials for the working.

After everything was prepared, I re-lit the client candle.  Then, using my green spell pen, I wrote the client's name on the parchment and placed five drops of wax from the client candle on the parchment in a five-faced die pattern, with the last drop in the center of the client's name.

Next, I took the pyrite and dressed it in lodestone oil.  Then, folded the two dollar bill towards myself and wrapped it around the pyrite.  Holding it there, I folded the name parchment towards myself and wrapped it around both the pyrite and the two dollar bill in the opposite direction.  Next, I took the green thread and wrapped it around the bundle nine times before tying it off.

After the bundle was tied, I placed three drops of prosperity oil along the thread and sealed the knot with three drops of wax from the client candle.

Then, the bundle sat on my altar while the client candle burned. 


Now, the client will bury the bundle near their front door and it will do its thing. :)


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