Rose of Jericho/ Saint Expedite Petition Ritual

Monday, April 25, 2011

Due to the personal nature of the petition being made, some details will be omitted from this account.  However, I believe that the important information is being passed along. :)

This blog will illustrate a personal petition ritual I preformed, involving a Rose of Jericho (Resurection Plant) and a Saint Expedite candle.

If you are not familiar with the Rose of Jericho they are remarkable plants.  They are considered talismans for protection, blessing, and prosperity.  When dormant they resemble tumble weeds or dead cedar boughs. Mine looked like this::

As you can see, I have placed it in a bowl containing a couple inches of water.  The plant is not dead, simply dormant.  Once placed in water, it begins to open up.  After two hours, it looked like this::





On the seventh day, I rested.....

No, not really.... :P  On Wednesday (I chose this day because it is the traditional day to work with Saint Expedite.), I removed the Rose of Jericho from its water.  I saved a portion of the water in a small hermetically sealed jar for use in future workings, and discarded the rest.  When the Rose of Jericho is removed from its water source it begins to slowly return to its dormant state, closing up.  The idea is to seal your petition inside the closed plant until the time that it is granted.

At this point, using a small taper candle I lit my Master Candle and allowed it to cook, while I began to construct my petition. Taking a small piece of paper, I wrote my petition out, while concentrating on it being fullfilled.  I then annointed the paper in a five-face-die pattern, one dot in each corner and one in the center.  For this work, I used Lucky Mojo's Blessing Oil.  After the annointing, I folded the paper in half once, towards my body.  Then in half again, and then once more.  Always towards my person, and always concentrating on my desired outcome.  Then, I placed the petition in the middle of the still open plant, on my altar, along with two small personal items. 

With a small taper candle I transfered the light from my Master Candle to my Saint Expedite candle, both on my altar.

(You can read HERE a little about Saint Expedite and about how I made this candle)

Then, I said a small prayer to Saint Expedite, asking him to lend his speed to my petition.  To keep anything from delaying it, to "expedite" it if possible, and to provent those involved from procrastinating on anything that might slow down my petition. In return, I vowed that, once the petition was granted, I would light a red candle in his honor every Wednesday for a year, and provide him with offerings of fresh flowers and sponge cake.  I allowed the candle to burn for a few hours before pinching it out, and I will continue to light it every day until it is almost gone, at which point I will blow the candle out.  Once, the petition is granted I will use the empty novena as a vase for offerings of flowers to the Saint.

When the petition is granted, I will place the Rose of Jericho back in water, where it will once again leave its dormant state and open. (They can repeat this cycle for years)  I will remove the petition and items and use the Rose for another work.  I will also begin my offereings to Saint Expedite, for a year, from that day.

Making My Saint Expedite Candle


There is a humourous story about Saint Expedite's arrival in New Orleans.  According to folklore, when the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe was being completed, the priests commissioned a staute of the Virgin from Spain.  When the crate containing the statue arrived another crate accompanied it.  On the second crate was written the word "EXPEDITE" and inside was the statue of a Roman Centurion.  The priest mistook the shipping instructions, "EXPEDITE," to be the Saint's name.  And so Saint Expedite arrived in New Orleans.

Saint Expedite is a folk saint, not formally accepted by the Catholic Church.  However, he is popular in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Latin American, New Orleans, and among hoodoo.  He is typically called upon to "expedite," or speed up, workings or petitions.  He is also called upon to assist in breaking the bad habit of procrastination.  A practioner will call on Saint Expedite with the vow of an offering once the petition is granted.  Typical offering for this Saint are fresh flowers, sponge cake, and red candles.  It is important to wait until after the petition has bene fulfilled and to FOLLOW through with your vow.  You can find out more about Saint Expedite from Lucky Mojo and Saint Expedite Org.
Saint Expedite is usually depicted as a Roman Centurion with his right foot standing on a dead raven.  From the raven's mouth there is a word-ribbon, CRAS.  The Saint also carries a cross with the word HODIE on it.  CRAS is Latin for "tomorrow," while "HODIE" is Latin for "today."  The Saint is essentially snuffing out tomorrow in favor of today.  Don't put off until tomorrow what can be done today.

Making My Candle

Where I live it is very hard to find Saint Candles.  I can find the plain white novena's, but the colored ones are almost impossible.  Therefore, when the need arose, I was inspired to create my own.

I started with plain cardstock and created a design that symbolized, to me, Saint Expedite.  ***This is my own, original work, based on tradtional symbology.:


My design includes the dead raven and it's word-ribbon, CRAS, along with the Cross inscribed with HODIE.  Today instead of tomorrow.  The Cross is haloed in honor of the Saint.  Around the edge reading from  the top, clockwise, it says "Protector, Martyr, Swift One, Bless Us, Amen."  For this I used Illuminati script, simply because it is something I am fairly familiar with.  I chose red for the border and internal writing because it is the color generally associated with Saint Expedite.

Traditionally, one would use a red candle for Saint Expedite, but red novenas are not easily available to me, so I chose a white novena candle instead.  I cut the design out, as seen above. Then, using clear plastic packaging tape, I carefully attached the design to my candle, making sure to cover all the paper to protect it.

Once completed, I dressed the top of the candle with Lucky Mojo Blessing Oil. Lucky Mojo also makes a Saint Expedite Oil that would, of course, be appropriate.  I rubbed a portion clockwise around the top three times.  Then I placed my candle on my altar until the time came to use it.

A Prosperity Working

Friday, April 22, 2011

The following is an prosperity working that I preformed for a friend.  I am posting it here with that friend's permission.  However, the name will be omitted to protect their privacy.

Materials Needed:

Prosperity Master Candle (See THIS post for information on creating yours)
Green Taper Candle for Client Candle ( See THIS post for information on creating yours)
Prosperity Oil
Loadstone Oil
Two Dollar Bill
Green Embroidery Thread
Spell Parchment
Green Pen used for prosperity spells


I began by creating my Money Drawing Client candle.  I dressed it in Prosperity Oil from Lucky Mojo and rolled it in basil and patchouli. I lit it from my Master Prosperity Candle, speaking its purpose to it, to draw money to the client.  Then, I allowed it to burn for a bit, long enough to create enough wax to cover the wick and seal its purpose inside

Then I placed the candle on my altar and gathered my other materials for the working.

After everything was prepared, I re-lit the client candle.  Then, using my green spell pen, I wrote the client's name on the parchment and placed five drops of wax from the client candle on the parchment in a five-faced die pattern, with the last drop in the center of the client's name.

Next, I took the pyrite and dressed it in lodestone oil.  Then, folded the two dollar bill towards myself and wrapped it around the pyrite.  Holding it there, I folded the name parchment towards myself and wrapped it around both the pyrite and the two dollar bill in the opposite direction.  Next, I took the green thread and wrapped it around the bundle nine times before tying it off.

After the bundle was tied, I placed three drops of prosperity oil along the thread and sealed the knot with three drops of wax from the client candle.

Then, the bundle sat on my altar while the client candle burned. 


Now, the client will bury the bundle near their front door and it will do its thing. :)

A Protection Spell Bottle

I found this bottle at a local Goodwill store and decided that it was perfect for a Witches Bottle.  I loved the wooden top because I can paint it...

So I did....

The top I painted red, to make it pretty actually, more inviting.  It seemed fitting.  On the inside, under the lid, I hid a pentagram, to protect the exit.  Prevent what is inside from getting outside.
Then I gathered all of my ingredients together onto my workspace.


Like Grayson, I decided on red thread to intice the "nasties," as he calls them, into my jar.  However, I also added red tulle.  It's as bright and inviting as the thread, but adds a net-like quality, to help capture the nasties.  I also used silver bells.  I know that bells are commonly used to ward of "evil" and that using them in a spell designed to "intice and trap" seems a bit counterproductive, but something said "use them."  So I did.  They are shiny and silver, and seem even more inviting to me.

In addition, I chose comfrey and patchouli, two herbs associated with Saturn, for their binding qualities, and mint for purification.  I chose to use salt also for purification and grounding.  The spiny thing on the far right is a Sweet Gum tree seed pod.  I chose it for its protective qualities.

The black candle I used to charge the spell with its purpose, binding.  I used the Patchouli oil to annoint the candle and the pentagram.


First, I annointed my black binding candle with patchouli oil, and lit it while speaking my intent to it.  Then I got to work.  I held the ceramic dish with my herbs over the candle's flame and concentrated on the purpose of their work.  Then I poured the salt into a small bowl, and added each herb one at a time, speaking its purpose to each.  Then I stirred them together concentrating on my intent and poured them into the jar.  Next I placed the sweet gum seed pod in, instructing it to give protection against anything caught in the jar.

Then, I cut nine lengths of red thread.  I tied three together, with three knots, tying bells onto the string with the last knot.  I did this three times, so that I ended up with three bundles of three threads, each with bells on one end.  Then I ran each bundle through the flame speaking my intent to it.  I placed one thread in the jar and then placed a piece of tulle on top of that, instructing the tulle to catch anything the thread brought in.  Then I placed another bundle and another piece of tulle the same way, and then the last bunch.

After, all the ingredients were safely inside, I place three drops of my High John oil on top to give it some extra *oomph*.  Then I annointed the pentagram with patchouli oil and traced some oil around the jar's seal.  Next I closed the lid and sealed it with wax from my binding candle.

I let the candle continue to burn until it was almost gone.  Then, I blew it out to activate the spell.  Now, I have my very first Witches Bottle, sitting on my shelf.

Setting My Master Healing and Protection Candles

*** If you are not familiar with hoodoo Master Purpose Candles please see THIS post first.  Thanks.

Tonight, due largely to the fact that I NEED them, I decided to finally set my Master Purpose Candles for Protection and Healing.  I began by chosing colors for both candles.  For protection I chose red.  I went back and forth about this because I've read may different candle correspondences calling for different colors for protection, non of them red.  Red *felt* right to me.  To me red is a less passive protective energy.  I ultimately chose it for that reason.  I'm not passive, and neither will my protection works be. For my healing candle I chose a more traditional color, blue.  I chose blue for its obvious connection to water and its healing qualities.

Next, I created seals for both candles.


For the protection candle I used a personal protection seal that I have used before and the Star of David. 

For the healing candle, I drew a nautilus shell.  I chose the nautilus for it connection with water, but also because of the personal connection I have with the image.  Much of the nautilus's symbolism, for me, comes from the Oliver Wendell Holmes poem "The Chambered Nautilus." To me, this poem, symbolizes a deeper healing than just the physical.  It symbolizes a spiritual and emotional healing, which I believe we sometimes neglect to think about in our work.

Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul,
As the swift seasons roll!
Leave thy low-vaulted past!
Let each new temple, nobler than the last,
Shut thee from heaven with a dome more vast,
Till thou at length art free,
Leaving thine outgrown shell by life’s unresting sea!

Below the nautilus is rough Theban that states, simply, "Heal".

I then annointed each piece of parchment with the appropriate oil in a five-face die patter, and taped them to their corresponding candle.

Now, it was time to dress the candles.  I used the same oil I used to annoint the seals.  For the protection candle I used Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and for the healing candle I used Healing Oil, both from Lucky Mojo.  I dressed both by rubbing oil clock-wise around the top of the candle three times.  Then, using a taper candle, I brought the light from my Master Candle to each Master Purpose Candle, first the protection candle then the healing.

Next, I allowed the candles to burn for a bit, creating a nice "pool" of melted wax and oil.  Then, I added three drops of my High John the Conqueror Oil to each and allowed them to burn another half hour before extinguishing their flames.


Making *My* High John Oil

***If you are unfamiliar with High John Oil, please see THIS article before proceeding.

When making my High John Oil, first, I gathered my ingredients onto my altar.  Then I took "John," my High John root, out of his home on the altar. I, then, placed him by my materials so that he could "watch."  I took a moment to explain to John what I was going to do, and how this oil would be used to feed him among other things. 

Then I took a white taper candle and lit it, holding it in the air, I imagined powerful, steady engergy pouring into the flame from all around.  Then, I used this candle to light my "Master Candle."  This oil feels very personal to me, and I wanted some of my "essence" to imbue it, through my Master Candle.

My Recipe::

Almond Oil Base - 6 oz.
High John the Conqueror Chips - Handful
Dragon's Blood Resin Powder - couple pinches
Frankincense Essential Oil - 10 drops
Cedar Chip - 1 Large

I added the High John chips, first, while telling John exactly what I was doing.  Then I let them just sit there for a few minutes, soaking up the oil and spreading their energy.

Then I added the Dragon's Blood resin, the Frankincense oil, and the cedar chip to the mix.  The Dragon's blood resin turned the oil a nice dark pink shade, and the cedar chip should continue to color it a bit over the next few days.  The whole time I kept talking to John.

When all was said and done, I let everything sit for about ten minutes, then I extinguished my Master Candle, and put John back in his home, assuring him that he would soon have the new oil we had made.

Now, my High John oil is sitting on my altar, where it will remain for the next week or so, while it *matures*.  Then it will be put to good use, often.

Making *My* Conjure Graveyard

Before any of this post will make any sense, one has to be familiar with what a "Conjure Graveyard" is.  A conjure graveyard is simply a way to dispose of *left-over* material from your hoodoo workings.  Those that do not have a specified means for doing so. For more information on this, please see THIS post by my Fan-tab-ulous friend and root doctor, Oakthorne.

All that is required to construct a standard conjure graveyard is a container with a lid, a white cloth big enough to drape the four corners outside of the container, and graveyard dirt collected for this purpose.  However, I am OCD and everything has to *feel* just right to me.  No ordinary container would do.  I searched for something for a couple weeks.  I looked at Wal-Mart, Target, World Market, even antique stores.  Nothing.  Then, one day, I was standing in Wal-Mart, in the office supply section, and I saw a normal, ordinary, faux leather, black, storage box.  *light bulb*  I'll make my own!!

So it started like this::

Then I had to develop a design that symbolized, to me, the purpose of the graveyard.  I chose the ouroboros and winged death with its sickle.  I chose the ouroboros based on its alchemical application, the unity of all things, eternally; and the cycle of birth and death. Enclosed in the ourobos is winged death, who guards over the grave until the time in which it will be returned to the earth, and the cycle will be continued.

 First Draft:



After the image was complete, I cut it out, roughly circlular, and glued it to the top of my box.
I felt the need to protect my conjure graveyard, as it will hold the reminents of my conjure works.  First, I annointed the top of my box in a five-face die pattern with a protection oil.  Then, I dressed a small 4' red altar candle with the same protection oil.  I placed the candle on top of the box, in a brass star candle holder, directly in the middle.  I lit this candle from my Master Purpose candle while stating my intent to it, to protect the contents of my graveyard.

Now, I will allow my candle to burn down.  When it is almost gone I will blow it out, sending the spell on it's way.  Tomorrow, I will place my white cloth inside, along with graveyard dirt collected for this purpose.  Then, presto! Ready to go!

Buying Graveyard Dirt

**In the following, I will share my experience buying graveyard dirt from a very close relative, my Nan.  Due to the personal nature of this experience and my intentions, I will leave some details out.  I am sure everyone will understand.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of buying graveyard dirt, please see THIS in Lucky Mojo Curio.

Today, after class, I visited Keeton Cemetery, where most of my maternal family has been buried since the late 1800s.  I haven't visited in four years, since my Nan's funeral.  The cemetery is set in a clearing ontop of a tall hill.  My Nan's grave is located in the older part of of the cemetery, next to headstones that are simply old stones.  I am not sure why she is located there, away from the rest of our recently deceased relatives.

I slowly made my way to my Nan's grave, a little bit nervous, actually, feeling guilty about not having visited in the whole four years, and knowing *my* Nan.  See everyone should have someone in their life like my Nan.  She is not what you think of the stereotypical grandmother being, but she *is* what I think every grandmother should be. My Nan is a firecracker.  She is loud, boisterous, and always honest.  She always tells you the truth, even if you don't ask, and especially if you don't want to hear it.  She is everyone's Nan.  And half the time you aren't sure if she even likes you, but Heaven help the soul that ever hurts one of "hers."

Once I made it there, I sat down, right in the middle.  I just sat there, listening.  After a while, I was sure that she knew I was there, and that she knew why, as she always seemed to when I came to her when she was living.   I just sat there and talked to her, like I use to.  Eventually, I got around to explaining why I was there, and what I wanted to ask of her.  I got the distinct feeling that she was saying, "You better be glad you came to me for this."  Typical Nan.

"Traditional" payment for graveyard dirt is usually silver dimes.  Instead, my payment was a silver cross and a turquoise stone, two things that were very special to her in life.  For libation, I brought Dasani water.  My Nan was a recovering alcoholic, who replaced her alcohol addiction with a Dasani addiction.  Only Dasani water, she would drink nothing else.

I dug a small plug and removed it.  Then, I removed about two small handfulls of dirt and placed them in a small glass jar with a lid.  I placed the cross and stone in the hole, and covered them with the plug.  I poured out the libation onto the grave and then I laid down there and just visited.  I stayed there, at the grave, for a long time, until I felt it was time to bring her home.

And then I realized that I had locked my keys and phone in my car.... seriously... not cool.  I had to walk to some strangers house to call for help.  But all is well. :)

Currently, I am allowing the dirt to dry.  Well, as dry as clay gets. :P  But, after that, a portion will be placed on my ancestoral altar, and a portion will be saved for other uses