Making *My* Conjure Graveyard

Friday, April 22, 2011

Before any of this post will make any sense, one has to be familiar with what a "Conjure Graveyard" is.  A conjure graveyard is simply a way to dispose of *left-over* material from your hoodoo workings.  Those that do not have a specified means for doing so. For more information on this, please see THIS post by my Fan-tab-ulous friend and root doctor, Oakthorne.

All that is required to construct a standard conjure graveyard is a container with a lid, a white cloth big enough to drape the four corners outside of the container, and graveyard dirt collected for this purpose.  However, I am OCD and everything has to *feel* just right to me.  No ordinary container would do.  I searched for something for a couple weeks.  I looked at Wal-Mart, Target, World Market, even antique stores.  Nothing.  Then, one day, I was standing in Wal-Mart, in the office supply section, and I saw a normal, ordinary, faux leather, black, storage box.  *light bulb*  I'll make my own!!

So it started like this::

Then I had to develop a design that symbolized, to me, the purpose of the graveyard.  I chose the ouroboros and winged death with its sickle.  I chose the ouroboros based on its alchemical application, the unity of all things, eternally; and the cycle of birth and death. Enclosed in the ourobos is winged death, who guards over the grave until the time in which it will be returned to the earth, and the cycle will be continued.

 First Draft:



After the image was complete, I cut it out, roughly circlular, and glued it to the top of my box.
I felt the need to protect my conjure graveyard, as it will hold the reminents of my conjure works.  First, I annointed the top of my box in a five-face die pattern with a protection oil.  Then, I dressed a small 4' red altar candle with the same protection oil.  I placed the candle on top of the box, in a brass star candle holder, directly in the middle.  I lit this candle from my Master Purpose candle while stating my intent to it, to protect the contents of my graveyard.

Now, I will allow my candle to burn down.  When it is almost gone I will blow it out, sending the spell on it's way.  Tomorrow, I will place my white cloth inside, along with graveyard dirt collected for this purpose.  Then, presto! Ready to go!


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