A Protection Spell Bottle

Friday, April 22, 2011

I found this bottle at a local Goodwill store and decided that it was perfect for a Witches Bottle.  I loved the wooden top because I can paint it...

So I did....

The top I painted red, to make it pretty actually, more inviting.  It seemed fitting.  On the inside, under the lid, I hid a pentagram, to protect the exit.  Prevent what is inside from getting outside.
Then I gathered all of my ingredients together onto my workspace.


Like Grayson, I decided on red thread to intice the "nasties," as he calls them, into my jar.  However, I also added red tulle.  It's as bright and inviting as the thread, but adds a net-like quality, to help capture the nasties.  I also used silver bells.  I know that bells are commonly used to ward of "evil" and that using them in a spell designed to "intice and trap" seems a bit counterproductive, but something said "use them."  So I did.  They are shiny and silver, and seem even more inviting to me.

In addition, I chose comfrey and patchouli, two herbs associated with Saturn, for their binding qualities, and mint for purification.  I chose to use salt also for purification and grounding.  The spiny thing on the far right is a Sweet Gum tree seed pod.  I chose it for its protective qualities.

The black candle I used to charge the spell with its purpose, binding.  I used the Patchouli oil to annoint the candle and the pentagram.


First, I annointed my black binding candle with patchouli oil, and lit it while speaking my intent to it.  Then I got to work.  I held the ceramic dish with my herbs over the candle's flame and concentrated on the purpose of their work.  Then I poured the salt into a small bowl, and added each herb one at a time, speaking its purpose to each.  Then I stirred them together concentrating on my intent and poured them into the jar.  Next I placed the sweet gum seed pod in, instructing it to give protection against anything caught in the jar.

Then, I cut nine lengths of red thread.  I tied three together, with three knots, tying bells onto the string with the last knot.  I did this three times, so that I ended up with three bundles of three threads, each with bells on one end.  Then I ran each bundle through the flame speaking my intent to it.  I placed one thread in the jar and then placed a piece of tulle on top of that, instructing the tulle to catch anything the thread brought in.  Then I placed another bundle and another piece of tulle the same way, and then the last bunch.

After, all the ingredients were safely inside, I place three drops of my High John oil on top to give it some extra *oomph*.  Then I annointed the pentagram with patchouli oil and traced some oil around the jar's seal.  Next I closed the lid and sealed it with wax from my binding candle.

I let the candle continue to burn until it was almost gone.  Then, I blew it out to activate the spell.  Now, I have my very first Witches Bottle, sitting on my shelf.


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