Prosperity Spell Bottle

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last night, I *FINALLY* cooked up my prosperity spell bottle.  I have been meaning to do this for some time, but I let little excuses like "I'm too tired" and "I don't have time" get in the way.  Once you fall into that trap it becomes more and more difficult to get out.  Procrastination can be Prosperity's worst enemy, so last night I made myself make time to sit down and work.  The following is the outcome, which I think is fan-tab-ulous!

Ingredients for this working:

Green Bottle (bought this one at Goodwill for $1.00)
Prosperity Master Candle (Please see THIS post for more information on this candle)
Petition Candle
Dead Sea Salt
Two-Dollar Bill
Frankincense Essential Oil
Lucky Mojo Curio's Prosperity Oil (Please visit Lucky Mojo for more information on their conjure products)
Lucky Mojo Curio's Attraction Oil
3 Small Lodestones
Peacock Feather
Gold-Colored Sand
Gold Ribbon
Gold-Colored Beads


I began this working by creating my prosperity petition candle.  I annointed the small green candle with Lucky Mojo Prosperity Oil and lit my Prosperity Master Candle.  Then using a white taper I brought the light from my Master Candle to the petition candle.  I allowed it to burn for a few minutes and then snuffed it out, pulling the wax up over the wick to seal in the "mojo."

After everything was in order, I re-lit the petition candle inorder to allow it to "cook" during the working.

Next, in a small bowl, I combined a small amount of gold-colored sand, dead sea salt, basil, and nine drops of frankincense oil.  The gold-sand is completely symbolic.  A lot of conjure is based on color correspondences/symbolism, such as candle magic and mojo bags.  For me, the gold sand, though not actual gold, is visually stimulating.  It has the appearance of gold flakes, and inspires thoughts of prosperity.  The dead sea salt was used to ground the work.  I chose basil because it is a favorite prosperity herb of mine, as a substitute I might have chosen patchouli, another favorite.  However, you could certainly use any prosperity herb that calls to you.  It is important that it speaks to *you.*  I chose to use frankincense oil in this working.  One of the three gifts of the wisemen, frankincense has long been connected with prosperity. 

After all these ingredients were mixed I carefully poured them into the bottle, allowing them to form the base of my working.

Next, I annointed the upside of the two-dollar bill with attraction oil. I did so in a five-face die pattern, with a drop on each number 2 and one on the face.  I chose the two-dollar bill, first, because it is obviously money, but also due to its semi-rareness.  After the bill was annointed I folded it towards me once, rotated it 90 degrees and folded it towards me twice more.  Then, I "sealed" it with three drops of wax from my petition candle, and placed it inside the bottle.

Next, I took three lodestones and annointed them with both Lucky Mojo Attraction Oil and Lucky Mojo Prosperity Oil.  Lodestones are magnetic iron ore and have long been prized for their ability to "draw" things in.  For more about this stone, please read THIS article on Lucky Mojo. 

After each stone was annointed, I place them inside the bottle, one-by-one, charging each with a more specific prosperity purpose; wealth, health, happiness. 

Next, I placed the peacock feather inside the bottle.  I have never, personally, seen a peacock feather used in conjure work.  However, for me it has strong uses in prosperity, protection, and divination.  Peacocks were often kept by noble or wealthy families as a symbol of their status.  They were the symbol of the Ming Dynasty in China and were associated with divinity, rank, wealth, and beauty.  In this way, they are a symbol of personal or family prosperity.  In addition, the colorful, circular designs on the male tail feathers were believed by some cultures to be "eyes."  In this way, the peacock could be used for protection, both physical and psychic; guardianship; and divination, by utilizing this "eye" of the bird. By Islamic lore, a peacock guards the gate to Paradise.  In a way, a guardian of prosperity.  Here it is obviously used for prosperity, but also to guard against anything that could be hindering to this work's success.

Finally, I decorated the outside of the bottle with gold ribbon and gold-colored beads.  Again, these are visually symbolic.  The more appealing and rich the bottle looks the more it inspires thoughts of prosperity.  Essentially, when I look at the bottle I want it too *look* prosperous.  This keeps me in the right state of mind for the bottle to do its thing.

I allowed the petition candle to burn almost completely down, cooking.  Then, I blew it out to send the mojo out for it's purpose.  The candle stub I burried by my front porch steps to draw prosperity in.  It is typical to bury many spell bottles.  However, this one I will place on my desk, which is central in my house and where I keep my bills to be paid.  In fact, my bills will sit under this bottle until they have been paid. 


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