Gotta get that Mojo...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Before you read any further.... let me go ahead and inform you that unfortunately this blog will not involve advanced cryogenic science, awkward espionage, ridiculous sexual conquests, 60s stereotypes, nor humorously bad dental hygeine.  If you're here for that, you'll just have to get your groovy somewhere else.  However, if you are interested in blood, sexual fluids, and personal power, this is the blog for you. 

Ahhh... now, I've got you...

Let's start by talking about what "mojo" is.  In conjure, mojo represents your personal essence, or power, if you will.  It is unique to each individual and everyone has it.  Think of it as your conjure DNA. Like DNA, it is strongly tied to your physical body, and can be transfered through articles known in conjure as personal concerns.  Personal concerns are a way of tying a working to a specific person by using that person's unique mojo, their conjure DNA.  The stronger the connection with the physical body, or *life force,* the stronger the mojo.   Some personal concerns are sympathetic, such as photographs, personal measurements, and name papers.  These are not as *powerful* as others because their connection to the physical person is not as concrete, it's symbolic.

Here is a list of personal concern examples, substantiated through various sources and personal experience but primarily from THIS fabulous article by Oakthorne.   They are ranked in order of *strength.*

  • Blood
  • Sexual Effluvia: Mixed Sexual Fluids, Semen, Vaginal Fluid, Menstrual Blood
  • Private Biological Effluvia: Feces, Urine, Tears, Bathwater
  • Hairs: Public, Body, Armpit, Beard, Head
  • Dirty Private Clothing:  underwear, socks, stocking, pajamas
  • Biological Excreta: saliva (spit), sweat, musus, hand-wash water, fingernails, saved baby teeth
  • Foot-tracks: Foot skin scrapings, shoes, foot-track dirt, foot-bath water, toenails
  • Dirty Public Clothing: Hat, headband, hairbow
  • Other Articles Touched by the Body:  Dishrag, washcloth, handkerchief, napkin, utensils, toothpick
  • Measures:  Genital organ or other body part
  • Pictures and Images: Drawings, Photographs
  • Personal Momentos: Handwriting, something the person owned
  • Impersonal Momentos: Business cards, newspaper articles
  • Name Papers:  The person's name written by the rootworker, or birthdate

The list above is by no means complete, but is a good starting point.  You will notice quite a bit of over-lap in the articles; such as the toothpick.  The toothpick as a personal concern will undoubtedly contain the person's saliva and most likely also a bit of their skin.  Dirty underwear might contain sexual fluids or menstrual blood.  Such articles would have a stronger connection to the individual than underwear that did not.  The stronger the connection, the stronger the mojo, and the more effective your working will be.

You will also find that the *strength* of the concern can vary depending on the purpose of the working.  For instance, in the above list you will find blood at the very top.  However, if the purpose of the working was of a romantic or sexual nature sexual effluvia would be more appropriate and thus *stronger.*  It's important to concentrate on finding a concern that is appropriate for your working.  Do not just choose one because it is *higher on the list.*  In addition, you might feel personally that these concerns should be in a slightly different order. That is ok.  It's important, in conjure, that the rootworker pays close attention to what feels right for them, as much of conjure is instinctual.

Now, alot of people I have spoken with seem to get squeemish about personal concerns.  They're all on board with sending that hussy, who "unjustly" has stole the affections of their love interest, packing, right up until they're asked for a little hair.  I have two theories as to why this is.  First, personal concerns make the working seem more concrete, more real, to the petitioner.  The work is no longer detatched.  It has a very specific purpose, with a very real human target.  The petitioner is not ready for this type of responsibility or committment.  Second, they are afraid of getting caught or not sure how to obtain the concern.

If the issue is the first, I would suggest that the petitioner or rootworker hold off on the working, until a time were they are able to take fully responsibility for all implications. If the second, I say, "Get creative!!"  That's part of the beauty of conjure!  It encourages creativity and ingenuity. 

Want to help someone stop smoking?  Why not grab a discarded cigarette butt?  Need hair or skin?  Grab someone's razor or clean their hairbrush?  Discarded coffee cups, tissues, bubble gum, used bandaids, diabetic lancets, utensils, tampons, condoms, cotton balls, lip gloss, a christmas card signed by the target, a facebook picture, a gym towel.... the sky really is the limit.

So again, why are personal concerns important in conjure?  They provide your working with a specific target, just as if you had provided an investigator with an individual's DNA. Your working knows exactly who the target is, without guess work. Now, having been combined with that person's conjure DNA, it has a way to affix itself to that specific individual.  This allows your work to continue long after you have done "your part."   Without this connection, your work has no specific direction or target and may very well sit and do nothing.     


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