St. Christopher - Patron Saint of Travelers

Thursday, July 7, 2011

For those of you who don't know, my husband is currently living in BC, Canada.  WAY OVER on the west coast... This Saturday my four-year-old son and I will be traveling to see him.  The trip includes seven and a half hours on planes, one way; hours and hours of traveling by car; and eventually a couple ferry rides.  I have made the trip before, but this will be my first time traveling with my son.  Therefore, I decided to have a few extra safety measures in place.  This trip I will be calling on the aid of Saint Christopher, Patron Saint of Travelers. 

Saint Christopher is generally depicted as a man, in mid-life, bearing a staff and wading across a river carrying a small child, the Christ child, on his shoulders. 

Legend has it that Saint Christopher was born Offerus(Offero), in the 3rd century, to Greek parents.  His parents having prayed and made offerings to their gods, Machmet and Apollo, on his behalf, Offerus grew tall and strong.  As he grew older he searched the heavens and Earth for a Lord who was worthy of his service.  After being continuously disappointed, he was convinced by a hermit to vow allegiance to Christ.  He was baptised and rechristened "Christopher," Christ-bearer.  Christopher would make no promises of fasting or praying, but agreed to use his great strength to safely transport others across the river.

One day, a small child came to the river asking to be carried across.  Much to Christopher's surprise, as they crossed the river the child became steadily heavier, until it was almost impossible for Christopher to carry him further.  When Christopher asked the child why he was so heavy, the child replied, "Because I carry the weight of the sins of the world."  Christopher was skeptical, so the child instructed him to place his staff in the ground by the river.  The next day it had turned into a beautiful palm which was bearing fruit.  This act enraged Decius, and Christopher was imprisoned, tortured, and beheaded.

To me, this has the smell of a Greek myth/story turned Christian conversion tool.  There is virtually no concrete evidence of Christopher's existance and it is generally agreed upon that he was added to Christian cannon sometime during the 12th century.  The Catholic church apparently came to the same conclusion and de-cannonized Christopher during the late 20th century, when many, including Brigid, were purged from the rank of the Saints. Still, Christopher retains a following among both Christians and conjurers, especially among Meixcan and Italian Catholics.  In Santeria, St. Christopher is assocaited with the orishna Aganyu, patron of travelers, walkers, drivers, aviators, and stevedorers. 

Christopher's Patronage:

Simple Protection Working:


Protection Master Candle
Red Altar Candle (Red is the color of martyrs and is also the color I use for protection, in general)
Protection Oil
Small Straight Pin
St. Christopher Medal (These have become a bit difficult to find in stores, but you can find them on Ebay, fairly cheap)


Begin by creating a protection petition candle using your Protection Master Candle and your red altar candle. First, using the small straight pin, carve Saint Christopher's name onto one side of the red candle, lengthwise.  Then, on the other side, carve your own name or the name of the person/persons you wish to protect.  Then, dress the candle with your protection oil.  Bring light to your Master Candle, charging it with an intent of general protection.  Next, transfer the light from your Master Candle to your petition candle, this time charging it with a more specific purpose, to protect you (or client) while you (they) travel.  Allow the candle to burn for a moment.  Then snuff it out and pull the melted wax up over the wick, locking the mojo inside. 

Next, you will set your petition candle in a candle holder and place you St. Christopher Medal in front of it.  I like to place the candle inside the cord/chain, that way the necklace forms a circle around it.  Light your petition candle and tell St. Christopher your petition.  This can sound much like a prayer. For this particular working, I asked that St. Christopher provide safe travel for myself and anyone traveling with me, including my son and husband.  Remember that you must promise an offering that will be given when the petition has been granted.  For this petition, I have promised to publish a public "Thank You" to the Saint, when my son and I have returned home safely.   


Kelley said...

This is so interesting! I have heard of him but did not know the story. Thanks for sharing! Thanks also for stopping by my Scary Mommy post about hide & seek this week. :) Following you now!

Alorer said...

Sorry for taking me so long to get back to you!

This doesn't remind me of any Greek myth I can recall. The only slight similarity is with Nessos, a Centaur who transported people across a river and was ultimately killed by Heracles when he attempted to kidnap his wife (

I can't think of anything other than that. :\

Strata said...

Thanks Steffie!! That's an interesting myth itself!! <3

afrenning said...

The Greek myth reference is to Charon, the ferryman who took souls across the river Styx.

Think horses, not Centaurs.

Strata said...

Afrenning, that's an interesting thought. What similarities do you see between the two, outside of transporting people/souls across a river?

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